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Tri-City Medical Center's NICU is Level IIIB.


This designation is given only to highly specialized units that can care for newborn infants with extreme prematurity or who are critically ill.  



Subspecialty Care


Cardiologists, pediatric ophthalmologists, and ear nose and throat (ENT) specialists, are available for consultations and greatly reduce the need for patient transfers to higher-level Neonatal ICUs.




















Loving Care




Tri-City Medical Center's NICU offers state-of-the art technology to support the care of your baby.


Tri-City Medical Center’s NICU was the first in San Diego County to use the NICVIEWTM webcam system that allows families to view their infants in real time from anywhere in the world via mobile devices or desktop computers. 













  • CLICK HERE to learn more about this innovative technology. 


  • Parents can check on their babies at this site: CLICK HERE


Complete Family Care


We recognize that families also need support. The NICU at Tri-City Medical Center offers:


  • Encouragement and support for parents to be at their baby's bedside as much as possible.


  • Encouragement and support for breast feeding your infant whenever possible. Our goal is to establish, promote, and maintain breast feeding for mothers of infants who may be hospitalized for weeks or months before being discharged home.


  • Training on the importance of parent-child physical touch, including Kangaroo Care.


  • A pleasant family lounge with comfortable furnishings adjacent to the NICU. 



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